Sacred Dreaming Therapies

Sacred Dreaming known for the Ancient Story Telling that has been handed down from our Ancestors, stories of mother earth, the animal spirit, the divine universe and cosmos, the evolving human consciousness and the polarities of the sun and moon, the stars and planets and the cycles of life. Sacred Dreaming is our inner world, our inner stories, a sacred healing space for us to be heard, to balance, to realign and to re-remember, self acceptance, self compassion and our inner truth, through the wisdom of Astrology Natal Chart, Buddhist Psychotherapy, Sacred counselling, Past life Regression and Neuro Kinesiology.

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  • Buddhist Psychotherapy
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  • Astrology Natal Chart
  • NLP, EFT, Matrix
  • Nes Health Scan
  • Neuro Kinesiology balance
  • Body talk -Relax Massage
  • Past Life Regression

The Future in Medicine NES Health

 The future in Medicine with NES Health System. click this link to find out more about Information medicine Nes Health      The Living Matrix
It through leading-edge research into the Human Body Field, the operating system of the body and the role the Heart plays in Health & Wellbeing, which is changing the way we approach Health Care, Medicine and Wellness.
It is through Energy and Information that the process of Healing takes place.
Nes Health is the Medicine of the future based on revolutionary research showing that the “Human Body Field” is responsible for regulation and integrating the physical, chemical, mental, emotional, energetic and memory aspects of the physical body.
Leading -edge research in holistic medicine, biophysics, bio-energetics and frontier biology is finally catching up and proving what our wise Ancestors have known for thousands of years that we are much more than just a physical body. The old approach to health was to work only with the presenting symptoms of the body, while never considering what was the cause behind the symptom.
NES Health is designed to work at the very core of the cause behind any symptom and works to correct distorted information and pathways to bring about optimum Health function.
The Nes Health System is scientifically designed to  scan the Human Body Field and provide a comprehensive report of the imbalances and distortions present in the Human Body Field EG:
  • Nutritional function,
  • Meridian Function,
  • Organ Function,
  • Bacterial & Viruses,
  • Muscle, Tendons,
  • Skin and Bone function,
  • Hormonal and CNS function,
  • Environmental Health impact,
  • Heavy Metals & Toxins,
  • Emotional and Mental States and their impact to ones health.

Nes Health System provides the solution to imbalances and distortions in the body field with revolutionary NES Infoceuticals which are “Natural Minerals” encoded with Bio Energetic corrective information, Infoceuticals activate the body’s natural healing processes and correct distorted information and blocked Meridian pathways allowing for the body to heal safely and naturally.

Bio Energetic Information Medicine Infoceuticals works at the root cause behind symptoms. NES Infoceuticals are revolutionary in correcting distorted information which is believe to be the cause behind the manifestations of blockages and imbalances in the body field.
These imbalances can include:
  • Neurological Imbalances,
  • Stress, Anxiety,
  • Panic Attacks,
  • Depression,
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
  • Workplace Overload Stress,
  • Electromagnetic Energy Stress,
  • Physical Injuries & Pain,
  • Nutritional Deficiencies,
  • Food Sensitivities,
  • Allergies,
  • CNS Issues,
  • Hormonal Imbalances,
  • Menstrual Problems,
  • Menopausal Imbalances,
  • Emotional Traumas & Stress,
  • Sleep Difficulties,
  • Digestive Problems & Imbalances, 
  • Environmental Toxins & Heavy Metals,
  • Learning and Behavioral Difficulties,
  • Negative thought Patterns,
  • Mental/Emotional Anguish,
  • Confusion,
  • Negative Beliefs & Attitudes.

Astrology Natal Chart is a language, an art and a science, which studies the relationship between the cycles of the celestial bodies, our personalities and our affairs here on Earth. Derived from the Greek word Aston, meaning star, Astrology literally means, “Star Talk or “Sacred Talk” a profoundly accurate personal guide to manage our everyday lives. Within our unique Astrological chart, we are able to determine our talents, our abilities, our strengths, hidden factors, archetypal patterns, traits, beliefs, wounds, and personal wisdom. Our Natal chart is our personal map to ourselves, our career, relationship and how we could more wisely manage our lives with the choices we make. Astrology is a universal sacred psychology that allows us to understand ourselves and honour our sacred soul journey.

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