Yoga Retreat 25-6-11

A heartfelt thank you Shantima for organizing such a wonderful and professional Yoga Retreat, I was inspired by many at the retreat and especially the passion and depth of Yoga knowledge that was shared. I’ve gained a deeper understanding of the essence and streams of Yoga Practice, which I have shared with my students. We send our respects and appreciation for your genuine kindness in sharing your knowledge and experience, it has inspired us in our Yoga Practice.

Yoga Blessings  Yina S.A

YOGA- A Patient Teacher -6 years Yoga Student 18-1-10

I have thought about writing this letter for sometime now but have kept putting it off with excuses that I didn’t know what to say or how to say it. But finally I would like to start by saying I have learnt so many wonderful and wise things from you Shantima, which I now hold deep in my heart as scared treasures, to many to mention here, but the most important teachings for me is being Truthful, Kind and Compassionate to myself and others, this has change the way I think and the way I live my life. It has brought a peace to my life that I have never known.

I would like you to know I am so grateful for your spiritual teachings, they have had a big impact on me and my family, we now sit and talk together in a kind and caring manner (Giraffe) without any yelling or harsh words putting each other down or finding faults (Hyena/Ego). I would also love to learn more on the Chakra system, Imprints, Yoga and Dharma teachings and thank you sincerely for your patience as I do know that I was a heavy, ugly, negative and judgmental student when I meet you and with your incredible patience and kindness and your belief in me, I have been able to grow in confidence to be a kinder, lighter and more positive person. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hari Om Tat Sat! I rejoice in Gratitude.

YOGA- Dot Christie- Dhritima -15 years Yoga Student -25.9.09

My reason for starting yoga 9 years ago was to try and avoid ending up with crippling arthritis like my mother suffered so badly from.

I soon discovered how much more there is to it than asanas. One of the first things I was to learn was what a BRAT of a mind I had – always wanting things done when and how I wanted them without much consideration for others. With lots of kind compassionate guidance Shantima has taught me to let things be as they really are. What a huge difference this has made to my life. When I first experienced this I couldn’t believe how good I felt.

Having my own program to follow at home has been a great help in keeping my flexibility and I try hard to be mindful in whatever time I spend on it each day.

Yoga has taught me so many things……..staying in the moment is a great place to be…..one that takes practice and can be learnt with little effort if you let go and let it be. My yoga mat is a very comforting place for me, it is somewhere where I can relax anytime.

Learning to work with the breath in all situations is a great tool to have and has helped me enormously. I have learnt to trust my intuition much more and not question it.

Shantima has also taught me to trust in my own ability and for this I am VERY grateful it has made a huge difference in many ways. I am much more aware of how judging we all are and I feel a need to always be aware of this.

We are all so lucky to have such a great yoga centre within our reach and I look forward to many more years of learning with our non judging teacher. Hari om Dot Christie Dhriti.

YOGA -Susan -3 Years Yoga Students 25.9.09

My life has been characterised by judgement and self-criticism. I can now see that I had internalised self-criticism to such an extent that it had become an unconscious reflex and a form of violence against myself. It is so harsh and unkind, I judged everything about myself and did not even notice that this was what I was doing. I have learnt that this is the only body I am going to have in this lifetime. I want to learn to love and accept it.

Through yoga classes and Shantima’s teaching I have begun to develop a relationship of friendship and acceptance of my body, to believe that there is nothing wrong with me. I have also learnt I can choose to stop being a victim. I see how, I have been choosing to be one and blaming everything else for why I feel bad.

I also judged others harshly and would look for why they fail. I had developed an old habit of feeling responsible for rescuing others. I now see that this is a projection of my own feelings of woundedness, this is not real. I do not need to rescue others or be responsible for them. We are each responsible for ourselves. What an immense relief! I have been carrying the world on my shoulders, my ego believing that I had to do this, such misguided arrogance!

Shantima has introduced me to the idea of gratitude, this has had a profound effect on my world view. Instead of being focused on what is wrong and negative about the world I can see how lucky I am to be alive. All is well. With Shantima’s support and clarity I have been able to soften and to decide to be kind to myself. She in an ally I feel privileged to have on my side and a teacher with great skill, commitment and patience. She models yoga practice in a totally inspirational way. My involvement with yoga has been the most important means of making positive change in my life. Thank you. Hari Om.