Time Out Relax

Time Out & Relax Sunday’s

It all begins with how we treat ourselves. In the Yoga sutra’s, it teaches us that making the time out to learn how to relax, can provides us with the opportunity to develop self -compassion, acceptance and patience which are all necessary for our own happiness, health and wellbeing.

The Mental, Emotional and Physical Health Benefits of Yoga practice have been long known and how this practice naturally relaxes and calms the body/mind, allowing us to become focused and clear of our body, that is simply reflecting back to us a reflection of our current state. This is a self- management tool that when applied with compassion, tolerance and patience, in our relationship with yoga, ourselves and with others, we embark on the path of grace and peace that has been gracefully handed down to us from our Ancient Yogi Ancestors.

Yoga teachings: It is our choice, how we choose to live.

Time Out & Relax Classes

Relaxation practice is now well known for its mental, emotional and physical Health benefits. Relaxation practices and techniques have been practiced for thousands of years as a restorative and healing practice, naturally balancing and calming the body/mind, releases any stress & tension held in the body/mind, improving how we feel, our health and sense of wellbeing. if you’re looking to learn how to truly relax, then this class is for you, come along and learn how to relax and calm the mind/body, to simply chill out, to take time out for yourself, to find your inner peace, to recharge and reenergize. Yoga Teacher: Kerrie Wilson

Our mind/body, just like water, when it is stirred up it becomes agitated, unclear, muddied or turbulent, depending on how stirred up it is. When the mind/body, like water, is just allowed to have space, Time Out, it naturally becomes calm, still and clear, it can then reflect like a mirror a true reflection.

Just like a Lotus Flower, it starts Growing in the Mud of Darkness and Grows Up into the Light of Presence.