The first recorded writings that mention the Practice of Yoga appear in a collection of Indian scriptures called the Vedas, which is said to date back to about 1500BC, however, archaeological finds in the Indus Valley have found intact ceramics, depicting figures in meditation postures, showing that Yoga was practiced at least 5000 years ago. The practice of Yoga was systemized in the third century BC by a Yogi called Patanjali in his works The Yoga Sutras.

The word Yoga is a Sanskrit word “Yuj” that literally means to Join, to Unite, to unite the Union of Mind, Body, Emotions, Breath & Spirit. The practice of Yoga involves Patience, Perseverance, Focus and a willingness to Relax and to be Present.

Yoga was introduced into the West by an Indian Sage called Swami Vivekananda 1863 to 1902 (Discriminating Wisdom) who demonstrated Yoga postures at a world fair in Chicago in the 1890’s.

As the Yoga sutras inform us, that with consistent practice of Yoga Postures (Asana) this allows the body to open and to move more freely, having more flexibility and freedom with the body, thus, allowing the flow and circulation of energy -called (Prana) Chi to flow more freely through the body, revitalizing and relaxing one’s whole being.

With regular practice, we begin to focus our attention in yoga, becoming more aware of the interrelated connections between the current patterns of thoughts, the arising of emotions, the bodies sensations and the flow or the restriction of the breath.

Yoga practice mirrors back to you, where you are at. With continued practice, one begins to cultivate the ability to focus one’s attention fully on the subtle, and the broad, changing movements of the mind, the body sensations and the changing rhythms of breath all interrelated and interconnected.

This fully focusing one’s attention, is what balances and unites the Mind, Body, Breath with one’s very Essence or Nature. This is Union, an experience, known as being centred or mindfulness, awake, a state of calmness, clarity and insight, that generates an authentic empowered, happier, healthier, relaxed and insightful You!

Practice some Yoga today and improve your Health!