Yoga Teachers

The Heart of Yoga – Yoga Teacher Kerrie Wilson

Kerrie has loved and practiced Yoga for the past 25 years, Yoga spoke to her from the first asana- posture, it was a reunion with an old familiar friend. Kerrie began teaching Yoga 19 years ago back in the nineties. known as ShantiMa, Peace Mother, she is always willing to serve, to learn and to share her knowledge and yoga teaching experience. She is inspired by evolved Healthy Learning and Organic and Biodynamic Veggie Gardens. Kerrie is the Founder of Meeniyan Yoga Centre -The Heart of Yoga and in recent years she has learnt the art of Qigong an experienced teacher and Trainer, encouraging herself and hundreds of students to be compassionate and true to ourselves and to learn to “Just Be”.

Kerrie was inspired in Earth Medicine and Natural Therapies more than 30 years ago, when a AH Wake up moment swept into her life, from that day forward Kerrie has embraced her inner calling completing her qualifications in Yoga teacher training, Buddhist Psychotherapy & Counselling, Health Life Coach, Neuro Kinesiology, Herbalist and Nes Health Medicine.

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  • Yoga Alliance 500Hrs Yoga Teacher Trainer
  • Yoga Australia senior level 3 Yoga Teacher
  • Vivekananda Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Mel/ India
  • Panmana Ashram Yoga Teacher Training/ India
  • Cert IV Training & Assessment
  • Meditation Teacher Trainer -Meditation Australia
  • Zenergy Yoga for Kids -Trauma Sensitive Yoga
  • Senior Member: Y.A Y.A M.A A.H.H.C.A   Member: AFYT  A.P.A  I.P.A

Yoga Teacher Lisa Barham- Lomax

Lisa loves to learn new things, she is organised and passionate about all that she dose. Lisa’s love for yoga began 7 years, where she put her heart and soul into learning all aspects of yoga practice. Lisa is a mother of 3 and works full time and juggles work life balance, but she has all the time in the world for others, she is willing to share her knowledge with others and takes the time out for herself. Lisa is a quick learner and completed her Yoga Teacher Training that has brought her to a new level of understand of yoga practice.

Yoga Teacher Helen Falls

Helen a thinker, quiet, down to earth, a gentle soul, who admires Mother Nature, the trees, the ants, she has a passion for crafts, photography, aromatherapy, reflexology and soy candle making. Helens Yoga journey began at Meeniyan Yoga Centre in 2003 were she still remembers how welcomed and inspired she felt after her first Yoga Class.

Helen 14 years dedication and passion in yoga practice has been an inspiring healing journey for her, which provided her with a strong foundation that she trusts, in 2015 helen completed her Yoga Teacher Training in India where she found a deep spiritual connection with mother India.

As a Yoga teacher, coach and trainer she is able to share this trust and her yoga experience with others. Helen embraces that one’s attitude and thoughts contribute and impact on one’s everyday life experiences, on others and on one’s inner happiness. What am I Thinking?


  • Zenergy Yoga for Kids Teacher Training 2012.
  • Yoga Teacher Training India 2015
  • Cert IV TAE, Business Coaching & EFT level 1.

Meditation Teacher Steve Wilson

Steve’s background and training in meditation is extensive and his work with the elderly and frail, palliative care, special needs children, A.B.I and with loss & grief. Steve understands that one must hold an open compassionate attitude when caring for others, who cannot care for themselves.

Steve’s passion, dedication and commitment to the Dharma and meditation practice has profoundly changed his view and way of life. Steve’s introduction to Meditation in 1993 inspired him to study and practice meditation in many forms from many Buddhist traditions, allowing him to gain a deep understanding of meditation practice and the nature of inner contentment.

As a Meditation teacher Steve openly shares his knowledge and experiences skilfully with others. In 2001 he completed training in Tibetan yoga practices and Mindfulness movements working with opening the winds of the body & mind.

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  • Accredited Meditation Teacher & Trainer
  • M.B.S.R Program. Cert. VI.
  • T & A. Cert III
  • P.C. Cert L & G.
  • Cert Palliative Care.
  • Disability Worker.
  • Tibetan Yoga.
  • Mindful Movements.

International Teachers: Professor J Rangaswami & Swami Raju

Raju is a senior Yoga Teacher from India he specializes in Yoga Therapy working with physical rehabilitation, Disabilities, Terminal illness providing personal yoga training programs and Yoga Therapy. Raju has travelled to many parts of the world Teaching Yoga and specialized in Yoga Training Programs and Yoga Therapy.

PhD-Prof and Head School of Philosophy, Tamil University, India.

Prof Rangaswami amazing Yoga Sutras Workshop at Meeniyan Yoga Centre he taught the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita over a week workshop many attended.

He is the Author of 7 books. Rangaswami presented his books to the centre as a gift for his enjoyable stay at the Meeniyan Yoga Centre. Prof Rangaswami is the translator and advisor of the Yoga Sutra’s, Sankhya System and Yoga Philosophy.